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Judy Garland Family Sites

A Tribute to the Gumm Family & Their Songs

Important Sites related to Judy Garland's family history


MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE - The house where Frank Gumm was born, was owned by Frank's maternal grandparents, the Baughs, and stands on a tree-lined street two blocks from the central square.


ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH - It was here in the 1890's, singing in the choir, that Frank Gumm first showed his extraordinary musical talent. Mr. Darrow, one of the leading men of Murfreesboro, arranged for him to attend Sewanee School, now known as, University of the South.


GRAND RAPIDS, MINNESOTA - The Judy Garland Birthplace where Frances Gumm lived the first four years of her life. See our LINKS for more information.

Michelle Russell is currenly writing a history of the Gumm Family of Tennessee 1804 - 1942.  For further information, please contact Ms. Russell via the e-mail listed here.